Looking for a good company car? Choose a financial lease

Ook leuk om te lezen

When you are an entrepreneur, your company car is often your business card. After all, in your company car you drive to all customers with whom you have made agreements. It is not self-evident for every entrepreneur to have sufficient financial resources so that he or she can drive a good and beautiful company car. Nowadays you no longer need to have sufficient financial resources to be able to drive such a company car. This by making use of a financial lease. With a financial lease you borrow the purchase amount of a car. A lease company finances the purchase of your company car, which you as an entrepreneur repay in monthly installments. Especially when you are an entrepreneur, financial lease has many advantages.

The benefits of financial lease for entrepreneurs

When you, as an entrepreneur, have made the choice to conclude a lease contract with car lease Twente, this has many advantages. In addition to the monthly amount you pay to finance the car, you pay a fixed amount of interest. This interest is tax-deductible, so you have to pay less income tax at the end of the year. In addition, a company car is a car with a gray license plate that is included in the investment allowance. This also reduces the amount you have to pay in income tax. The moment you choose to lease an electric company car, a financial lease has even more advantages for you as an entrepreneur. If you have an electric company car, the environmental investment deduction applies. This amount is also deducted from your net profit, so that you have to pay even less income tax. Financial lease therefore has many tax benefits for you as an entrepreneur. Another additional advantage is that you are the official owner of the company car at the end of the lease contract. There are various company cars that you can lease.

Which company cars can you lease?

When you perform accounting work as an entrepreneur, leasing a passenger car is often sufficient. The only thing you often take with you to customers is your laptop and some paperwork. However, if you mainly carry out carpentry work as an entrepreneur, leasing a passenger car may not be enough. This is because in such a passenger car you run out of space for all your materials and tools. It is also possible to lease a work bus. This can be a larger work bus with a double cabin, but it is also possible to lease a smaller work bus. In addition, you may have a number of requirements that your company car must meet. For example, you can think of a system with which you can call hands-free or a cooling system because you mainly transport cooling products. You can discuss all these requirements with the advisor of the lease company you are going to to conclude a financial lease contract.

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