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The cold winter months are coming again and then there is nothing better than coming home to a warm house. Heating your house can be done in many ways. Some people take a wood stove while others just turn on the central heating. However, the most effective and cheapest way of heating for you is to have your house well insulated. It is an investment to have, but you always enjoy it afterwards and especially a nice warm house. For example, start with floor insulation so that the cold no longer rises from the ground and then tackle the rest of the house with cavity wall insulation. A job that makes you happy when it is done!

Floor insulation

We start at the bottom of the house, ie with the floor insulation. Many homes before 1982 do not yet have floor insulation. In houses built after 1982, the floor is usually insulated. This is because the rules of construction were adjusted that year and floor insulation was almost always standard from then on. Floor insulation is installed by the fitters within a day. They go into the crawl space of the house under the floor and start insulating there. The material is applied to the bottom of the floor. Usually the insulating foam is made from Jetspray or Elastospray. Good floor insulation makes your house feel warmer by 4 degrees. No more cold feet!

Cavity wall insulation

Then there is also cavity wall insulation. This is also a very effective way to insulate your home. A cavity is a piece of space between the inner wall and the outer wall of your house. A cavity wall was first added in the year 1960. The year 1959 was very wet, which caused people to suffer from moisture in the house. Many houses still have this cavity and now you can have it insulated for more warmth in the house.

Can your cavity wall be insulated?

If you want to know whether you have a cavity wall that can be insulated, you have a few options to check whether this is possible. First of all, if you have a new-build house, there is a good chance that your cavity wall is already insulated. Do you have a cavity at all? To be sure, you can easily measure the wall at the door opening. If the wall is thicker than 25 centimeters, then you have a cavity wall. Are you still in doubt? Then you can solve the riddle by drilling a hole in the wall with a drill. Does the drill shoot through your wall? Then you have a cavity. The cavity must be at least five centimeters wide to insulate it.

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