The perfect window decoration with duettes or roller blinds

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Choosing curtains is one of the toughest choices when it comes to decorating the house. You want warm and cozy curtains, but they also should not let in too much light if you want to make the room dark. In addition, they must also be handy and you would like them to match the entire atmosphere of your home. You can hardly go wrong with duettes or roller blinds. Simple, elegant and always in the right atmosphere for whatever design you have.


What are duettes anyway? You may know these curtains before under the name honeycomb or pleated blinds. Duettes are actually pleated blinds with a double fabric. Because the fabric extends when you lower the curtain, it creates a shape that resembles a honeycomb. That not only looks nice, but also brings many advantages with sight. For example, this special curtain has an insulating effect. Due to the honeycomb shape, there is still air in the hollow chambers of the pleated blind. This ensures that heat stays on one side of the curtain and cold air traps between the curtain and the window. That is why pleated blinds or duettes are very suitable for people who have single-glazed windows.

Roller blinds

Then there are also roller blinds. These curtains might sound boring because in the minimalist years of interior styling they were mainly used in a lot of dull colors, but it doesn’t have to be boring! These curtains are actually always ideal. You hang them up easily, they are effective and you have the entire window covered as you want. All you have to do is pull the string. Roller blinds still give a minimalistic feel, so if you like no fuss, the blinds are a good choice for you. In addition, it also attracts little attention. This way you can focus on other pieces of furniture or decoration in the house.

The finish

A roller blind can be finished in different ways at the bottom. For example with a decorative bottom bar, simple stitching or a rod or scalloped edge. The last two have become less and less popular in recent years for hanging on the roller blind, but it can still be done in the finish. Choose a color that looks good in the rooms in which you want to hang the curtains. Usually, a neutral color for curtains is a simple yet attractive choice. Go chic with a stainless steel-colored system and a stainless steel bottom rail. That will last for years and provides a luxurious appearance. This way, the roller blinds will not stay boring at all and you will have a nice finish for the windows.

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