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When buying a home, it is almost always mandatory to have a building inspection carried out. In this way, the structural condition of the house is revealed, so that you are aware of any defects and costs that may arise in the near future. Mortgage lenders always ask for a construction inspection with a financing and will not provide a mortgage if it is not available. Apart from the bank’s requirement, it is always a good idea to know exactly the condition of a home or other building before you make a bid. Hidden defects such as leaking water pipes and rotten window frames can be remedied, but the costs can then also be deducted from the asking price. By having a comprehensive architectural report drawn up by a professional inspector, you have certainty about the structural condition of the house.

Have it independently inspected

You can have an independent construction report drawn up together with the inspector. In this construction report you will find a detailed analysis of the state of the house. All shortcomings are identified, so that you can assess whether the necessary repairs are within budget. An expected cost calculation is included in the report to simplify this process. For the coming years it will be immediately clear which parts need to be replaced and what can and must be repaired. The inspector checks everything and ensures a thorough check, from the basement to the attic. The report will point out every defect. The report therefore helps you to make a carefully considered offer and to make a plan of action.

Investing for significant cost savings

The construction report can therefore be particularly cost-effective and is therefore well worth the minimal investment. By deducting the expected costs described in the report from the asking price, you can make a realistic offer for the property. Moreover, you can argue and substantiate this offer on the basis of the enclosed expected costs. In this way you avoid surprises and disappointments, so that you can be sure of your business and close a good deal.

Inspection after the offer

Do you choose to save time due to lack of time or interest from other parties by having the construction report drawn up after you have made a bid? Then it is advisable to include in the resolutive conditions that your offer is subject to a structural inspection. This way you can fall back on this clause in case of hidden defects and you still avoid sky-high costs and a lot of hassle. Whether you have the construction inspection carried out before or after the offer, with the extensive report you make all points of interest transparent and you are aware of any cost items in your new home.

Always opt for a structural inspection

Not only for the purchase of older homes it is wise to have the structural condition inspected. An inspection by a professional inspector prevents problems and can result in enormous cost savings. Of course, the most important thing is that you and your family can live in a safe house that you can enjoy for years to come. Compared to the possible costs that unexpected defects can generate, the price tag of an independent and recognized inspection is insignificant. A construction inspection is a wise choice. Both for the short and the long term.

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