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Are you looking for a fence? Then you may have already gained inspiration online and seen that there is an awful lot of choice. Would you like something different from the traditional wooden fence? Then we would like to give you ideas with these three examples of special fences that you may not immediately think of. And do you want advice? Then visit a specialist, such as Vandentop Tuinhout in Barneveld, where different types of fences can be seen.

Aluminum fence

The aluminum fence is recommended for a modern garden. It is a low maintenance garden fence and lasts longer than a wooden fence. And thanks to the choice of colors, you can decide for yourself what suits your garden best. An aluminum fence in anthracite, or dark gray, is quite ‘present’ in a garden. This can be very nice if you really want to make the garden fence part of your garden. You can also opt for horizontal mounting of the planks. This emphasizes the length of the garden and therefore it appears optically larger. Do you want a lighter color? Then there are also fences made of silver-colored aluminum. This is less noticeable due to the color and ensures that the garden also appears larger, because the color is lighter. It is a special garden fence that can be combined very nicely with green plants thanks to the contrast between natural and modern.

Natural stone fence

A beautiful mix of natural material and a sturdy fence is the garden fence made of natural stone. This consists of gabions containing natural stone. A very sustainable solution that requires no maintenance and gives a special atmosphere to your garden. It has something natural because the material is mostly natural, but thanks to its robust appearance it also fits very nicely with a modern garden. The color of the stones is also decisive in this. If you opt for gray stones, the look is quite ‘cool’ and that combines very nicely with plants or a beautiful wooden deck. But there are also stones with a brown color with a warm appearance that is also tough thanks to the stones. In short: you can go in many directions with this special fence.

Combination fence

The combination fence is a garden fence that you make special yourself. Because why choose one style when you can also combine different fence elements? For example, alternate wooden garden screens with gabions and natural stone. Or a fence section of concrete with a rock motif and mesh mats with ivy in between. The possibilities are really endless, because there are so many different materials and looks that you can combine with each other. So think about what you like and stop by a garden fencing shop for advice and inspiration. This way you can be sure that you will ultimately have a special and unique fence in your garden.

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